As part of the promotion of West Cumbria, this page is compiled from information supplied by the residents of Arlecdon, the original homebase of Sharp Edge (Cumbria)


Arlecdon Church - drawing by Reg Goodman


Pupils of Arlecdon School have been writing about the village. Here are some of their comments:


Arlecdon is no big town or city but a quiet little village on the edge of the Lake District. (Keira)

The people that live in Arlecdon can look out of their windows and see mountains and fields. (Laura)


View from the church towards Skiddaw (seen in the distance with snow!) - photo by Mrs M.O. Goodman


The village has a playing field with play area and rugby pitch; a church called St Michael's; two pubs; a post office and shop; and a school. (Jennifer)

Also in the village is the Adams Memorial Hall which was built in memory of Lord Adams. (Gemma)

A long time ago there was a train station. (Nadia)


The Sun Inn at Arlecdon - known for good food, good ale and good company - photo by Mrs M.O. Goodman


The village had a coal and iron ore mine many years ago. (Becky)

There is an open cast mine and a quarry nearby. (Gary)

Many people work at Sellafield and farming. (Liam)

Arlecdon's pastimes are hound trails and pigeon fancying. (Emily)

Children can join brownies, guides, rugby league and martial arts. (Kelly)

The rugby team is called Arlecdon Rams. (Steven)

They won a lot of trophies last season. (Gavin)


Arlecdon School was built in 1878 by the Victorians. (Kim)

There are four classrooms. The staff room is over the nursery. (Emma)

There are 53 junior pupils, 25 infant pupils and 13 nursery pupils. (Martin)

We have five teachers. (Catherine)

The school has just had an Ofsted inspection with good results. (Rebecca)

In 1997 year 6 got good results for Standard Attainment Tests, in the top quarter for Cumbria. (Christopher, Becky)

We have football teams, netball teams and cricket teams. (Sarah)


Arlecdon is situated just three miles from the beautiful and peaceful Ennerdale Lake - seldom visited because there is no public road along the lake.

Ennerdale - photo by Ann Bowker

 Anglers Crag, Ennerdale - photo by Mrs M.O. Goodman

 The Whitehaven to Rowrah Cycleway (part of the C2C cycleway to Sunderland) passes through Arlecdon. Along the route there are many sculptures as well as fine views towards Ennerdale. Here are two of the many different metal designs:

photo by Mrs M.O. Goodman

photo by Mrs M.O. Goodman

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"Where breezes are soft and skies are fair." - WC Bryant