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Using the cutting edge of technology, Peter Fox has managed to carve himself a whole new market in sharpening knives and scissors. Sharp Edge (Cumbria), based in Arlecdon, West Cumbria, has a very successful web site which is bringing him business literally from across the world.

"Since having the site, I have been approached by a firm in Pakistan who want me to import their scissors," Peter revealed. "I'm also looking at doing it the other way, so that I can export the machinery they need to sharpen scissors."

"But I don't just promote the business, I promote Cumbria, and get e-mails from people across the world because I put pictures of West Cumbria on the site.

"I strongly believe that web sites shouldn't just promote the business. They should also promote the area where the business is located. I believe that all businesses have a duty to do that."


From The Business Gazette - December 1999


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