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Legal Statements

This website is copyright Peter Fox and Sharp Edge (Cumbria). All images not owned by Peter Fox are used with the owners permission, are acknowledged and are copyright of the owner. Nothing on this site may be copied and used without the express permission of Sharp Edge (Cumbria) All information on this website is provided in good faith and is as accurate as possible. Product descriptions, prices and services and advice offered may be or become inaccurate or out of date. We will make every effort to correct matters if brought to our attention as incorrect.

 Privacy and Cookies

Sharp Edge (Cumbria) respects your privacy and will not forward your information to any third party except with your permission. This applies to information received during normal business transactions as well as information received electronically. Sharp Edge (Cumbria) is registered under the Data Protection Act. This website does not operate with any form of 'cookies' so your computer is safe. All emails are swept for viruses before transmission and any received are also checked. We will not send you unsolicited emails at any time. All communication except for replies to emails is in writing.

Statutory Data

Sharp Edge (Cumbria) is the trading name of the business operated by Peter Fox.

Contact by email is Sharp Edge (Cumbria) is not VAT registered and prices quoted do not have to be adjusted for VAT. We do not trade electronically - all information provided on the website is to enable you to make informed decisions before contacting us by phone or in writing. We will endeavour to provide help and advice with your requirements whether that is for services or products. To help keep our prices low we do not accept Visa - cash or cheques only please.


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