Sharp Edge (Cumbria) is the premier sharpening service for all users of scissors.


Scissors are sharpened using the Wolff 'Twice as Sharp' system. This is a modified portable bench grinder with an aluminium oxide wheel on the left and a silicon carbide impregnated wheel on the right. A clamp, which is adjustable for the blade angle, presents the scissors to the wheel.

After a preliminary clean with a spirit based fluid, the angle of the blade is measured and the clamp set to this angle. One blade at a time, the scissors are sharpened on the aluminium oxide wheel. After removing the burr, the scissor are now polished on the silicon carbide impregnated wheel. Again the burr is removed, the scissors are balanced if necessary and after lubrication are ready for use.

Serrated scissor blades can be resharpened using a hone. Replacement of scissor screws and stoppers usually needs to be done back at base - old screws never come out easily and the thread usually needs to be retapped!



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