Sharp Edge (Cumbria) is the UK agent for Stoostalka (Sweden) weaving products..


The double slotted Sunna heddles were suggested by Susan Foulkes from Durham (an experienced braid weaver) who has visited Sweden to see for herself the braids woven there.

The Sunna and Sigga heddles make weaving braids and bands so much easier.

The short slots are for the pattern threads and whether you raise or lower the heddle, the pattern slots will always be in the centre of the shed making it easy to pick up the threads you need for that throw of the shuttle.

The curved Gehpa shuttle makes picking up the appropriate pattern threads even easier.

Sunna heddles are available with 5, 7, 9, and 13 pattern slots - smaller sizes are great for weaving without a loom (backstrap weaving) or with an inkle loom.

Sigga heddles are simiar to Sunna heddles but have an even number of pattern slots allowing a deifferent range of patterns to be woven.

The larger sizes are best used on a rigid heddle loom - this will probably need modifying to give a longer reach between the heddle and the front beam.

Stoorstalka also make a range of standard heddles and other special heddles, some of which are in stock and others can be obtained to order.

Visit the Stoorstalka website for details of the full range of weaving accessories -

Visit the interface page for Susan Foulkes (with details of all links for using the heddles) -

or Susan's blog which also includes all the details for band weaving -

Price List - January 2018.


Sunna5 - currently out of stock

Sunna7 - 17 pounds sterling

Sunna9 - 19 pounds sterling

Sunna13 - 24 pounds sterling

Gehpa - currently out of stock

Beavi - 23 pounds sterling

Plain Heddle (small) - 15 pounds sterling

Sigga8 - 18 pounds sterling

Sigga16 - 24 pounds sterling

Sigga24 - 30 pounds sterling

Purchasing any of these items from Sharp Edge (Cumbria) is easy - Enclose a cheque for the required item or items (payable to Peter Fox) with your order and the address you want them delivered to and send to:

Peter Fox

9 Norwood Drive, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9EP

We endeavour to posts items out within two days of receipt of order (sometimes there may be a delay if we are away or awaiting another delivery from Sweden)

Please not that postage is included in the cost of the items

We are sorry but we only sell within the UK and we can only take Sterling cheques. If you live outside the UK please deal direct with Stoorstalka.

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