As part of the promotion of Arlecdon and West Cumbria, here are some more pictures of Arlecdon and West Cumbria.


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A selection of photos of Arlecdon Church taken a few years ago on a crisp December day by Peter Fox

A selection of photos of Whitehaven taken by Peter Fox a few years ago - before the lock gates!

Once a year there are day trips to the Isle of Man from Whitehaven. Usually the boat is the Balmoral but here are some photos of the paddle steamer Waverley on a rare visit to Whitehaven for the Isle of Man trip - photos taken on a cold and windy morning by Peter Fox

One of the most beautiful buildings in Whitehaven is St James Church. This is very unusual building as it contains a rare and fine example of a Georgian interior. Photos by Peter Fox

Another harbour worth exploring is Maryport. Some photos taken a few years ago by Peter Fox

Finally an example of why so many visitors come to Cumbria. Photo of Bassenthwaite Lake taken by Peter Fox.


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"Now the sun looks out o'erflowing with his morning light this noble amphitheatre of hills." - W Anderson