Develop Think Links in Your Daily Web Surfing Routine

If you are like me you scan the news every day, perhaps you do it on your iPad or your iPhone, and this is to be commended because it helps make you an educated voter, and it shows that you are a citizen who cares. Perhaps you do this for personal reasons, or perhaps you do it to keep your mind busy, or maybe you do it for your business or employment. No matter what reason you have for surfing news items, and trying to figure out what’s going on in the world today, I believe it would behoove you to add think links to your daily web surfing routine.

What do I mean by think links?

What I mean to say is your mind will turn to Jell-O if you just accept the news as it is, and you don’t read between the lines. Also if you flip from one news item, to another, and yet to another, on and on for 30 minutes at a time, your mind will stop thinking. At that point all you’re looking for is something that reaches out and grabs you, something with notoriety, something new, something interesting, something you can tell your friends and re-tweet, or forward.

We all know that when we watch Nyheter television for the first 30 minutes it increases our brainwaves and thinking, but after 30 minutes it’s that long slow sugar high-like withdrawal that occurs. The same thing happens to you when you are surfing online news that someone has gathered up for you and spoon fed to you. This is why every 10 minutes or so you should have what I call think links and click on one. Perhaps these are apps on your iPhone or your iPad that go to websites, articles, and content that really makes you think. These are the types of stories, and reports about research that you don’t find in the average news.

In fact, you probably won’t find it even in the science section. This has helped me keep my mind busy as I’m gathering up all the news items for the day, and perhaps you are similar to me and you are a news junkie and you probably in that case spend one-hour a day surfing news, but if you don’t have think links, and break up your routine, your mind will just melt with incessant information. And that’s about the time you just stop thinking, and the news has brainwashed you into its way of thinking. Indeed it is my hope that you will please consider all this and think on it, and add some Think Links to your daily injection of the mass media.