Educational Paths for Jobs Promoting Cultural Diversity

There are many career paths to take if you wish to enter a job that promotes cultural diversity-all of which are varied and start in a wide range of different educational settings. Understanding what educational path to take may not pinpoint a particular job, but send you on the right road to a job that is rewarding, and ever expanding your cultural consciousness (as well as working to expand that of others). Here are a few educational paths that will get you started:

Anthropology: Particularly when considering social anthropology, the study broadens our understanding of humanity in the face of a progressively more diverse humanity. When considering other subsections of anthropology, such as archaeology, the origins of our groups are brought closer to the light, and new understandings of the past arise to create a society more understanding of our complex histories.

Sociology: The study of society covers a broad Arbetsplatsutbildare range of topics, but with research in each area brings a greater understanding of every walk of life in our world. Sociology investigates every under-represented group, every minority, majority groups, obscure subcultures, and everything in between. Taking the sociology track will allow you to find jobs in a variety of different settings-be it field or research employment that will help garner a broader understanding of a diverse society.

Public Policy: This specialized educational track is geared toward governmental work, which has a direct influence on diversity in many different organizational settings (the workplace, education, etc). Policy development is a key skill learned in this study, and can be used to form programs and policies such as Equal Opportunity or Affirmative Action.

Psychology: Though this educational choice may not seem directly related to jobs rooted in promoting diversity, it certainly has an important place. There are many different directions one can go studying psychology-two of the most important in this case being social psychology and organizational/industrial psychology. Understanding how interpersonal communication works, and how groups of people operate on a psychological level is important to understanding how increased diversity is affecting our society.

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